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Sholpan’s 50 year old Soviet Postcards

woman on black lacquerThis past weekend I scanned at least 35 old Soviet postcards that are about 50 years old, some are older, both the picture side and writing on the back. Sholpan, my officemate and Russian teacher, trusted me with these relics from the past. This one is a painting of a woman you would find painted on a black lacquer, Palik box. What I find amazing is that few of these artists put their names next to their renderings. Usually artists from the West will put their last names on the canvas either on the bottom right or left of the painting. “All for one and one for all” was the mentality back in the Soviet days. No one was supposed to get credit for a job well done, you were just to do your job for the good of the communist cause without taking credit. Those artists with God-given skills were not to be recognized for their gifts but to just keep quietly painting. Of course, some of these paintings were replicas of other noted masters, copycats. The names of the artists I can decipher on the back of the postcards are Sergiva Hodoshnik, Demler, Lebediv and two Polish artists Monica Sheronski and Nehring. I wish I knew the history of some of these talented individuals and what it was like to paint during the Soviet Union times. Was there an Artists Union like there was a Writers Union? During the era of communism you probably had to be politically correct in what you drew or painted or else you were banished to oblivion (i.e. Siberia). Hmm…not much has changed for those who work hard and have talent and skills that are envied by others. The following is from a fairy tale called the “Golden Antelope” based out of India, I think. The other is a cute cartoon showing courting dragonflies.deer flightdragonflies

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