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Photos of Victory Day Celebration in Almaty

medals for saleThe president put out a proclamation about the annual Victory Day celebration on one of the billboards. (I wish I could read what it says in Kazakh) Many old men and their families were walking around Panfilov Park this morning. I caught several with their chest full of medals. However, you do the math, any surviving war veterans of the Great Patriotic War have all probably passed away or nearly so. That war was almost 70 years ago and if those still walking the streets started fighting at age 16 or even 20, they are at least 90 now. Some who did actually see real war during the campaign and are still living are perhaps bedridden. Others may have fought in the Afghanistan war, those ones I see usually have one leg or one arm. In any case, Victory Day is all about Soviet Union nostalgia or becoming more so with each passing year. The old music plays, the male choruses sing, the parades with all the military tanks and missiles come out. What a beautiful day to remember those who fought valiantly during the Great Patriotic War.

chest full of medalsBazaar mandeer in headlights lookflowers and medalsbillboard for May 9Presidents quote

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