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Sundry Photos and Sunday Morning Thoughts

view-of-mtnsNotice lately all the photos I have on this blog? Seems I have more to show than to tell. Must be the end of the semester because all I can think about now is figure out final grades and submit those grades the students have earned and finish up other odds and ends projects. I’ll have more time later to think and write, but for now these photos will capture why I like it here so much in Almaty. I have some various sundry photos of artwork from my excursion to the crafts fair last Sunday. See below the hunters and the hunted, the traditional nomad and how he lived off the land without the help of industrialization and the accompanying pollution that attends it here and now in Almaty. Because of our recent rains, I’ve been seeing the stars and crescent moon lately in the cleaned up sky. I also saw the big fireworks display just south of the Kazakhstan hotel to celebrate May Day.


Victory Day is coming up next week, I want to really enjoy this celebration by going to the festivities unhindered by teacher duties. I plan to see the remaining, white haired war veterans parade around with a chest full of medals on their suit and to see all the tanks and missiles drone through the streets. Tanks vs. bow and arrows, quite a contrast the world of Kazakhstan used to be to what it is today.


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