Vincent van Gogh Look-Alike at Crafts Fair

No wonder we continue to have plagiarism in the former Soviet country of Kazakhstan when we have artists copying one another with such detailed abandon. In the art world the highest form of flattery is to copy the masters. Sunday I went to the Almaty Crafts Fair and found a piece that was going for about $50 replicating the “genius” of Vincent van Gogh in his rendering of sunflowers in a pot. Though intentional, it is not easy to copy an oil painting while using colored wool pieces that are battened down to felt. The felt piece is very difficult to put together as each color has to be put in the right spot and then smoothed or pressed down. Refer back to my earlier post on Kazakh art.

Also, I’m showing what my friend Kathy bought this past Sunday at the Crafts Fair which will go on her wall. The one with the red edge has gold thread and different stones or beads attached, very vibrant and beautiful. Not meant to be knelt on but the other larger one is, yet that will possibly go to Kathy’s daughter and on her wall. Many beautiful things to take in at these Crafts Fairs in Almaty.


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