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Make-up Class and Saturday Party

p4040163We had a fun time last night with my first group of MBA students.  We watched the last half of the Dead Poet’s Society they had started watching while I was away in Colorado.  Since this film deals with teaching pedagogy (Robin Williams style), we had a very interesting discussion about specific teachers at our university and education in general once we sat around the table to eat our “potluck” meal.   I showed this movie because it is about “Seize the Day!” and passion, something I try to instill in my students no matter what class I teach!

I have another “party” tonight and then next Saturday I’ll have my final makeup class and party with my last group of students.  Having these parties compells me to keep my flat clean, which I took all day yesterday to do.  However, I missed enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather Almaty featured. Turns out one of my students lives right across the street from me, another student brought her baby with her who was very well behaved.  The other students were either sick or couldn’t make it for some reason.  My class tonight is much bigger in size, (also I have many big guys) I hope we all fit okay into our small living room.p4040161p40401651

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