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Cold Sites in Denver, Colorado

Thanks to Perry and his hosting us, we were able to get around in the clunky snow Friday morning.  He took me to the light rail train which brought me to the conference center about 20 minutes later, then he picked me up when I was conferenced out.  I saw a friend of mine, Thom, from University of Minnesota days and also talked over Internet at the Electronic Village to Rick in Amman, Jordan.  Didn’t see my friend Colleen whom I see at EVERY TESOL conference I’ve gone to ever since we went together the first time to Vancouver in 1990.  Didn’t see Joy either but my main goal was to attend as many sessions as possible.  These are the COLD sites from Denver that turned into a warm, sunny day by the end of Friday.  Denver is so much like Almaty in its weather and views of the long mountain ranges in the horizon.





























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