My Hometown* Ice and Snow (Part II)

My hero Dad is snowblowing out the snow that came down yesterday which thankfully slowed the river a bit, the other photos are taken by my hero Mom.  Meanwhile, nearly 1,000 miles away in Denver, Colorado which translates into about 14 hours of driving time to my hometown* in NW Minnesota, I am presenting a paper at the international TESOL conference  titled “Kazakhstan’s Orality vs. Infoliteracy.” 

My British friend, Wendy, always thought it strange that Americans use the word “hometown” when referring to their birthplace or home place orientation.  I suppose it is because our country is so big and there were so many small towns that if I were to say the name of my hometown, it would not register with anyone except those from the area.  Wendy thought it odd when she used to live in the U.S. and heard people say “My hometown” from a good friend of hers in Texas.  Now she knows. I just hope the people from my hometown can ride through this latest crisis of high waters.
















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