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My Hometown Made National News

flood20002Glad I’m visiting relatives in beautiful Colorado and not in my hometown in northwestern Minnesota for a number of reasons, sub-zero cold, snow, ice and FLOODS!  Last night my hometown DID make the national news on TV.    Of course, with jetlag I was fast asleep and missed it but my husband told me they showed a photo of Roberts Street bridge that often gets jammed where ice junks complicate the river flow heading north. Flood scares dominate spring time all the way up to Canada for people living close to the Red River of the North.   You see, this river goes against the tide, it empties into the Hudson Bay in Canada where most all other rivers drop south.  Seems my parents “may not be out of the woods” yet as the river height hovers close to 25 feet.  (These photos are off the radio station KROX website.)

Just in case, I believe my folks brought everything up from their basement worth saving, if the dams had broken as predicted.  Ken and I, being in Colorado, could have been helping my folks if their home had been flooded but instead my Dad was out at our place working with our sump pump making sure our basement didn’t flood. (Thanks Dad!) People in the Red River Valley, who live there year round, are definitely my heroes! 


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