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Geocaching (Part II)

I suppose geocaching is for the yuppies to enjoy who own a Garmin GPS.  Also, for those computer geeks who live in the Twin Cities and other urban areas of the U.S. and Canada.  This phenomenon has spread throughout the world and there are different versions of it which started in 2000 after Y2K (remember that scare?).  The “Planet of the Apes” movie promoters began a kind of scavenger hunt with finding things from the movie located in different places.  Many different themes and varieties of geocaching, some are exclusively for kids, others are more challenging.  Needed: computer to check website for where the treasures are stashed, GPS and then good hiking boots to muck about in the woods.

The general rule of thumb for geocaching is to find the cache, replace something of equal or greater value in the container and sign the log book.  I had seen a name that had been written in as early as 2004 on one of the four places we located the other day.  Some are spoilers of this game who take the cache away from the location and then the computer website has to say that it is compromised.  Those people who do that are called “mufflers” if I understood my sister correctly.  She said that there is a city-wide family event coming up with a kind of competition to see who can find the most in the given amount of time. 

I think it is great that parents are doing this activity with their kids and they all LOVE it.  The good thing is to do these hunts in early spring before the leaves open out and the woodticks come out which makes it a bit more intimating.  How I HATE wood ticks!!!  LOVE my nephews, however!  Good work guys on finding the caches (pronounced cashes)!


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