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Geocaching with my “geek” nephews in Twin Cities

Getting out into nature after being cooped up in a plane or airplane seemed to work wonders for me yesterday!!!  What a very beautiful spring day in the Twin Cities to share with my two nephews.  We found four sites and the boys had a blast looking through the contents in the camoflauged container and signing their names off on the little booklet included in the ziplock bag.  I actually spotted the fourth one nestled under a tree when we went on our second hunt.  The names scribbled in the booklets are telling:  taconite, Momandson2006, timbrwlf, picke explorers , richrick and many others.  This has been going on for years and really picking up in other parts of the country.  My nephews just came back a month ago from Florida and they did geocaching there as well.  Looking at a map, you don’t see much going on in North Dakota or South Dakota yet but it is BIG in the Twin Cities. I looked at a world map and I didn’t see Kazakhstan on the website for geocaching. The purpose behind doing these treasure hunts and finding the stash using a Garmin GPS is toGet geeks away from computers and out into the real world!!!”


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