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Last Week’s Snow…Going, going, gone!!!



Snow in Almaty, Kazakhstan doesn’t last long and it has been a perpetual fickle kind of spring-like winter.  Meanwhile the snow and colder temps are harassing my friends and family back in Minnesota.  I feel very sorry for them. I have to admit, I am very happy to be here in Kazakhstan. But about now, all are stir-crazy enough in Minnesota to hang up their worn out shovels and not use gas in their snowblowers any more!!!  Enough is enough! Yet last week they got dumped on another half a meter or more, for some it was a killer blizzard.  So hard to fathom here where we have snow year round to look at with the nearby Tian Shan mountains but it will most definitely get hot once summer finally does arrive.  By then, I’ll be back home enjoying the cooler temps of NW MN in the summer.  Soon I’ll be going, going, gone from here!!!



























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