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Three Kazakh Girls’ Talks (Part III)

actor-and-aeroflotAray’s grandfather is standing behind the woman with flowers.  Apparently this was a famous actor (in shades) who had just de-planed from an Aeroflot jet to visit Almaty Kazakhstan.  Aray’s grandfather knew many famous actors and singers during the Soviet time. 

The third speaker the other day, Aida ended with a Kazakh proverb that is very appropriate for what I’m trying to do with encouraging my Kazakh students to tell me about their grandparent’s past.  She wrote the following in her last slide:

“He who doesn’t know his history is like a tree without roots.”

This means that Kazakhstan’s history is also their future and those who don’t know their history will not be successful in the future.  Aida added:

“Therefore, history should be treated as a treasure, for it is the only thing that will remain living through ages and will make the new generation of Kazakhstan be proud of their ancestors and be inspired to work and live for the wellbeing of their country.”


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