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Three Kazakh Girls Give Talk on Grandparents’ Stories

p3100084Three former students from my Academic Reading and Writing class gave a talk today based on their papers they did for me last semester.  Many chose different topics relating to Kazakhstan’s history.  Aray, (right) the first speaker talked about her famous Kazakh great-grandfather Abay and also her grandfather’s achievements.  The second speaker, Laura (left) spoke about her grandfather surviving the Siberian gulag for 15 years.  Finally, Aida (center) spoke about her grandmother who survived ALZHIR , which is close to Astana.  As a newlywed, Aida’s grandmother had worked in a labor camp for wives of “Enemies of the People” for 10 years, her husband had been killed soon after their wedding. 

All three girls had various quotes on their powerpoints that they used from their academic papers which were buttressed by journal articles they found from the electronic databases at our university. Most all their sources were in English with the exception of  some material they had translated from Kazakh or Russian.  They know their teacher, yours truly, would NOT permit any spurious material from the Internet.  No Google, and heaven forbid NO Wikipedia are ever allowed!!! Not on my watch!!!  Who needs that when these young women had such great stories that had been shared orally among their family, passed down from one generation to the next.  I was happy they were able to share their grandparents’ stories with the AIWC (Almaty International Women’s Club) today.  I was very proud of all three of them, they did a fine job.


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