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Kazakh Grandparents are Greatly Admired


My grandparents died when I was 4 years old girl. But my father told me the history of our family. My grandparents  were born in  Kostanay oblast of our country. They had three daughters and one son.

During 1930 there was a famine on the territory of Kazakhstan. My grandfather had organized the migration of his family from Kazakhstan to Russia, where the neighboring cities had sufficient amount of food, even in excess. It was a genocide against Kazakhs, because at this period of time the Kazakhs were a majority on their own territory. Later after this famine and other actions of the Government the Kazakhs became a minority.  After several years my grandfather with his family had returned to Kazakhstan in Akmola oblast. My father was born there.

During  World War  II my grandfather participated in operations against Military Germany on the territory of Russia. He was a machine gunner.  He had an injury during one battle, near  Stalingrad. After this, he spent several months in hospital, and then he was demobilized and returned to home. He had received Government Awards for actions during  World War II.  But his younger brother was missing in 1943. My relatives had received a letter of notification.

After war my grandfather continued his work in forestry. He was a director of a forest reserve in Kurgaldjino. My father continued the traditions and he worked in forestry. In 1960 our family moved to Almaty city, former capital of the Kazakh Republic. After retirement he continued his work in the forest reserve near  Almaty. During his life he fully provided for his family. After his death my father was provided  a house in the city, the house outside the city and car. My grandfather was an example of an excellent manager at home and at his work.

My grandmother was older than my grandfather, she didn’t work but supported my grandfather by doing all work at home. She had a big vegetable garden near the house, where she cultivated all vegetables necessary for the family. There was a small farm, near the house. There were cows, sheep and horses.  She cooked homemade sour cream and butter, bread.

My grandparents from my mother’s side were from Akmola oblast. My grandfather also participated in  World War II. He had Government Awards for  the battles in  Stalingrad city, and in Berlin. He was on operations of war from 1941 till 1946. He reached Berlin. We don’t have a family, where relatives didn’t participate in II World War. My grandmother from my mother’s side was a seamstress. She sewed different clothes, she embroidered different patterns. She had a small vegetable garden near the house, where she cultivated some vegetables.

I admire my grandparents. They lived in very difficult periods in the history of our country, but nevertheless they achieved successes and excellent results.   


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