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Run out of words – Speech Class Photo instead

p3030061What fun to have FIVE expats to listen to my Academic Speech classes last night.  Alexandra on the far left came in with four bouquets of tulips to show our appreciation to the four ladies who came to visit.  Thanks to Thom for taking this photo and giving a talk about his travels around the world and coming from the country of Texas.  He stated that he has been to 49 states in the U.S. (missed Vermont by miles)

Busy time right now with getting midterm grades put together based on the first half of this semester performance but also largely on their infomative speeches.  I’m proud of most all of my students who showed passion on their chosen topics, they “wowed” our expat guests.  I commented to our Language Center Director today that none of the 31 students chose Kazakh food as a topic to give a speech on.  He has maintained all along that food is NOT an academic topic.  Agreed.  We listened to informative speeches such as tourism, violence against women, dreams, leadership, financial crisis and much more.  In any case, I’m out of words today!

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