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Every-which-way Icicles

p2060083Today I feel like these spring time icicles, dripping in various directions.  Can you tell it is almost the end of the first half of the spring semester?  I sure can.  Just a slice of my day today which will impact my ultra busy day tomorrow.  I just finished writing a letter of recommendation for one of my former students.  Happy to do it as I would be for any of my students who are in earnest to seek out programs to better themselves.  Next, I need to prepare for my lessons in the afternoon by downloading some mp3 files from the Economist magazine.  These students need to work on their listening comprehension and economics is their speciality. 

For tonight’s classes I need to make sure that my MBA students’ informative speech powerpoints are workable. This will be the third night of 7 minute speeches and there were some very good ones last week.  Others have their work cut out for them in order to improve by the end of the semester when they give their persuasive speeches.  On Thursday night I will give each student the feedback from their peers on their speeches and their tentative mid-term grades.  It has been GREAT to have expat friends come and observe and give their comments while I’ve been at the computer clicking the students’ powerpoints to the next frame.  (This reminds me, I need to buy cards and flowers for our expat guests so the students can show their appreciation.)

Of course, I have a clicker that moves the Powerpoint slides to the next frame automatically that I’ve successfully used in the past for presenting but for some reason it doesn’t work with the computer in our classroom.  Also, the snafu we had last Thursday night was one of my students had used a 2007 powerpoint and our classroom computer is not updated from its 2003 version.  We have about 8 presentations to get through instead of a leisurely five in the one class, full speed ahead!

Did I mention that I’m having about 10 ladies come to my place for lunch tomorrow?  Well, I have to clean our flat and prepare the food as I am not only “teacher extraordinaire” but also the maid and cook in our household.  So, no wonder I feel like these every-which-way icicles.  I’ll be happy once the mid-semester week rolls around, THANK God it is ALMOST Friday!!! (You mean I can only say that on Thursday and NOT on Tuesday? oh!)  Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on other projects that have been left undone due to the immediacy of attending meetings, prevailing on students to get their work in, preparing lessons and generally living in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  Love the spring time weather, I have to say!

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