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Ukraine and Artist Kazimir Malevich


Whatever tragedy the Ukrainian people went through in the early 1930s with the Holodomor (Terror Famine), sadly, Kazakhstan also experienced the same starvation and deprivation.  Please read my blog entry from yesterday concerning the short story I read by Andrey Platonov titled “Soul.”  I love the fact the publishers used this painting done by Kazimir Malevich titled “Torso in a Yellow Shirt” on the front cover of this “Soul” book.  Malevich had ethnic Polish roots but claimed to be a Ukrainian and showed through his simplistic art some of the pain he saw around him in Ukraine. (note too in the “Torso”‘s opaque painting that Malevich pledges allegiance to Ukraine’s colors by predominately using yellow and blue, the two colors of their current national flag) 

The following paintings I got off of  I can’t help but think about the saying: “Life is short but art is long” especially in terms of those brave artists who tried to show the devastation they witnessed around them during the Holodomor.



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