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Dalmation Dog and Diamond


I enjoyed a meal at my friend Brenda’s place on Sunday and she enjoyed showing off her two dogs.  The one in the picture is Molly her older Dalmation dog who is deaf but has a very sweet spirit, never barks.  The other one does to make up for the both of them.  I wish my husband and I could have a dog, but our nomadic lifestyle does not encourage that sort of ownership.  I would not want my parents to be saddled with that responsibility while we are away.  Ken thinks there should be “time-share” dogs, he may be on to something.

Yesterday I saw Brenda and she told me that she had lost her diamond out of the six facets on her ring.  I was horrified to hear this.  It was a very nice diamond her husband had given her about ten years ago.  She had been sad the night before when she came to observe my students’ speeches but I hadn’t had a chance to talk with her.  She had just discovered that her diamond was missing.  I asked how her husband took the news, Brenda said he was fine with it.  Good perspective to think that it is only a diamond, not a life. Imagine my surprise when I finally looked at my text message last night at 11 p.m. on my cell phone to read the following:

“I was watching the academy awards and sobbing.  Reached for a kleenex and heard something hit the table and there it was! A miracle!”

So, whatever angels are attending my friend, she found something valuable that went missing.  God answers prayer!

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