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Request from My Former Ukrainian Student

The following e-mail was sent to me by a former Ukrainian student in Kyiv.  I would LOVE to help her out but I’m flummoxed as to what my response should be to her.  I don’t have any connections in the American film industry but I want to help her pursue her dream. 

Tonight I just had my Kazakh students,  who are pursuing their MBA degree,  give their first informative speeches.  They talked on what they are passionate about for their own personal reasons such as, photography, Pushkin, solar energy, distance education, corruption, multinationals, oil industry, raising children, etc.  HOW great for both my classes to have three expat visitors come to observe, evaluate and witness my students in action.  My students were a bit nervous but thrilled too.  Tomorrow I’ll show photos of our group and also some falcon photos (courtesy of my friend Kathy’s camera and her visit last weekend where falcons do the hunting). 

Here is what Renata wrote:

Good afternoon!

At least it’s afternoon in Ukraine now. Thank you for a birthday greeting, it was nice and surprising to hear from you. Sorry for answering so late, studying was really harsh and I didn’t have internet connection for some time. But it’s better late then never.

I’d like to thank you for all the writing skills that you taught us, and all the knowledge that I got from your classes, far as I still apply them in all other classes and in life.

I am writing to you also with a request for an advice. I know that you have a great experience in editing and writing, and you might have enough knowledge and experience, to be able to answer my question.

I have this little dream for quite a long time, and a decided to take attempts to implement it, no matter how childish and unreal it might look. I have an idea of a movie screenplay in my mind, a gorgeous screenplay. i don’t have enough experience in screenplay writing, to be able to put it down the way it has to be written in order to be presented to somebody who might get interested in it. I also wouldn’t like it to be released in Ukraine, I would like to have it presented in U.S.

Could you please advise me, or give me some ideas on how from your point of view this can be done, or maybe you know someone in U.S that I might contact with and get an advice.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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