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Nurlan’s proverbs with meanings


Do something instead of talking.( Instead discussing activity, you should do this activity).


Little business is better than lots of time of idleness. (It is better to do something than do nothing).


If you don’t walk, you never fall. (If you do nothing you will never make mistake).


If you sell something without mind you can lose money. (Before do something you should think about it carefully).


A money does not smell. (It doesn’t matter what you do, when you earn money).


The weak peace is better than big quarrel. (It is better to find compromise than begin war).


A money is good servant, but bad owner. (You should manage a money, but a money shouldn’t manage you).


A kind word treats, but a wicked word kills. (In a difficult situation word of approval better than criticism).


Even a dog remembers, who feeds it. (If you help somebody they don’t forget it).


In a healthy body is a healthy spirit.


One book teaches a thousand people.


You should repair sledges in the spring and a wheels in the autumn. (Any business requires preliminary preparation).


The spring isn’t beautiful in a foreign county. (To any man nowhere is as good as at home).


Any family has a fool. (At any society there is an individual who always harms).


Many men, many minds.


Without working you don’t catch a fish.( If you want something you should be hardworking).


The silence is gold. (If you talk a lot you can say foolishness).


The sun also has spot. (There are no people without failings).

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