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Baurzhan’s 23 Proverbs

1         The eyes afraid – hands doing

2         If too afraid of wolves –  do not go to the forest.

3         In the cultural country respect the teacher.

4         Risk – precious thing.

5         The problem will call the problem.

6         If poor marrying then the night will seem beautiful

7         The trouble doesn’t go alone.

8         The poor aren’t afraid of death.

9         Who get up early- will get more.

10     Men is head wife is neck.

11     Married me without me.

12     The rich will not understand poor.

13      Wealth is the water.

14     Will be day will be food.

15     Take the wife looking at her mother.

16     The road of the girl is narrow.

17     Thief is scared of own shadow.

18     Wife is the soul of her husband.

19     Wedding and death – sisters.

20     Money opens all doors.

21     The law was created for the rich and punishment for the poor.

22     The knowledge is better than wealth.

23     Talk less do more.

24     Little people see big dreams.

25     With people the dark days seems holidays.

26     The sugar is sweet but can’t change the bread.

27     Want to know the future of people look at the young generation.

28     To dream a lot – to dream nothing.

29     Who helps others will achieve own dreams.

30     The bag of dreams doesn’t have a bottom.

31     Not all married women – wives.

32     Don’t ask from whom travels a lot ask who knows a lot.

33     You can know when you study you can reach when you go.

34     No one wants to dance under the fear.

35     Don’t be afraid of the beginning, think about the finish.   

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