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Nuriya, Assel, Marina, Irina’s proverbs

Nuriya’s proverbs


A thief who is not caught is not a thief (if you don’t have any proof of guilt, you can neither endict nor convict)


A stingy person pays twice (buying cheaply is a false economy)


God is in the sky, oil is under the ground and in the middle is Adai. (Adai – is one of Kazakh tribes, who belongs to the middle Zhuz) in Kazakh “zhuz” means 100.


At home even walls help you. (best to be at home when in trouble)


One does not go to Tula with one’s own samovar (do not take supplies, articles, etc. to a place where are plenty of them already)


Assel’s proverbs


All are good lasses, but whence come the bad wives?


Between two stools one goes to the ground.


Great dowry is a bed full of brambles


Salt water and absence wash away love.


The game is not worth the candle.


Marina’s proverbs


Has done the deal, walk boldly.


If mountain does not go to Magomet, that Magomet goes to mountain.


Not cloth of the person decorates, but he who knows much


The unpleasant truth is better than the most pleasing lie.


The kindness from heart comes, but from power dirty trick occurs.


God supports the innocent


Irina’s proverbs


Better untaught than ill-taught; little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Studying without abilities is only a disaster.


Learn others’ thoughts, but don’t lose yours (Russian)


Eggplant is not grown from cucumber seed (Korean)


How much rice in a bowl depends on how much you have put in it before (Korean)



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