Yekaterina’s 23 Russian Proverbs with meanings

1. Don’t have 100 rubles, but have 100 friends

2. Brevity is a sister to talent

3. Don’t go with your own charter to another monastery (when a guest in someone else’s home don’t introduce your own rules, follow the rules of the host)

4. To get married is not a misfortune, if only don’t perish married (means that it is easier to get married to a nice fiancée but more difficult to stay married to a bad husband)

5. Eyes are afraid, but hands are making (you might say that you can never accomplish something for fear of failure but you end up doing it in the end)

6. Repetition is a mother of learning

7. Don’t spit into the well – it will happen to drink

8. Studies are light, ignorance is dark

9. Live for a century, study for a century (you are forever a student all your life, from cradle to death)

10. The animal comes to the hunter (your earnest desire to do something will eventually come to you with luck if you want it bad enough.)

11. Call yourself a mushroom, go into the basket (If you say you can do something, prove it)

12. Initiative is punishable (being creative has its risks if you go outside the standard norms)

13. The work is afraid of master (if you are an expert then you are not afraid to work)

14. The lovers are quarreling – only making fun (not to take too seriously when fighting because of love)

15. Where is a nights, there is a dream (when something bad happens, something good will follow)

16. What the sober thinks, the drunkard reveals

17. My tongue is my enemy (too open with one’s thoughts and feelings)

18. Without good affairs the trust in the God is dead (Words are nothing, it is good deeds that prove)

19. The theater starts from the hanger (Everything matters when creating a special atmosphere in theater, Stanislavski)

20. The life is a theater, the people are actors (similar to Shakespeare’s “the world is a stage”)

21. There is time for work; there is an hour for fun

22. How one’s halloo is, the same is respond (laugh with those who laugh, weep with those who weep)

23. Meet by clothes, see by the man’s wit (depends on first impressions or clothes make the man)

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