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Saule Z’s Kazakh Proverbs with Meanings

Kazakh proverbs from website translated by Saule Z.


1. Wealth should be sacrificed for the sake of a life, a life should be sacrificed for the sake of honor (Keep your honor from childhood at the expense of everything or you eat to be alive and make great deals).
2. Father is unapproachable mountain, mother is a spring at mountain bottom, the child is a reed growing on the river bank (Parents will be a great ideal for their children and be respected. Children must feel good care and warm of their parents).

3. Looking at the father grows the son (A son takes after his father).

4. The son brought up by the father, will make an arrow itself. (How well father brought up so well a son is brought up.)

5. Father is the best critic of his child.

6. The burden of the father is as heavy as luggage of a camel (Father is responsible for his family).

7. The good reputation of the father serves forty years to the stupid son (A son is treated according to his father’s priority).

8. Marry one’s daughter, after knowing who her mother is (How well is a mother, so well her daughter).

9. The tent of mother full of holes is better, than a gold palace of relatives (to be with mother is better than with relatives).

10. The orphan without the father is a semi-orphan, the orphan without mother is the real orphan

11. Even if three times you will transport your mother on yourself to Mecca you will never pay off the debt to her (mother’s kindness has no price because it is invaluable).

12. The house with children that a market is noisy but the house without children is a tomb – is silent and sad (there are children there is joy, where there are no children there is no happiness).

13. If after the father there is a son that means he is there, if there is a daughter, means trace is there (If father leaves a son after him it means that he is alive, if he has a daughter he leaves a trace after him) .

14. Where there are no girls, there is no fun (girls make home light and bring joy, merry).

15. Taste of food is salt, beauty of an aul (village) is girls.

16. A happiness harbinger is the daughter (girls make home light and bring joy, merry).

17. The daughter is a guest (whenever girls marry they leave their home).

18. Not able to comb silk will transform it into a wool, not able to care of the daughter will transform her into the slave (one must treat their ladies in the right way).

19. A good daughter-in-law behaves as an own daughter; the good son-in-law, becomes as an own son.

20. The Son-in-law is for hundred years, the matchmaker is for one thousand years (after the marriage parents tie so closely and remain good relatives forever).

21. The house in which the visitor does not come, is similar to a tomb.

22. You can say “come” to visitor, but you can not say “leave” it is impossible (say welcome to everybody to your house).

23. Kazakhs can not live without eating meat and say the following about it: When I eat meat, it jams in teeth, if I do not eat meat, I dream about it.

24. A pain for cattle is a soul pain (cattle are a very valued for Kazakhs, so if there is something bad with cattle it was bad for the owner of that cattle).

25. The first wealth is health, the second wealth is a family, the third wealth is the presence of cattle.

26. The person is pulled back to where he was born; a dog is returns to where it gorged on food. (Man appreciates his homeland (birthplace), and a dog likes the place where it is fed).

27. First work and then demand. Who will find a source of work, will find wealth (Who works hard, he lives well).

28. Young has to work – old has to entertain (While you are young, there is nothing difficult to do or while you are young you should work hard in order to have a good life in old age).


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