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Ainur K’s Kazakh Grandparents were “First Minds” of Nation

When I was 4 years old, we lost my mother’s father, this loss wasn’t only the loss for my family, but for the whole Kazakh nation; and last year we lost my mother’s mother, and it was so unexpected and unbelievable that I cannot still accept this as true, as it is such a huge loss. But still, I’m very lucky to have grandparents from my father’s side. Last year we celebrated their 70th birthdays and their golden wedding (50 years of marriage). I must say that my grandparents were/are very intelligent and educated people. Their whole life was dedicated to science and education of other people.


My granddad’s name was Derbissalin Anuar (1929-1986). He was a famous philologist and literature scientist. He was corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakh SSR. He studied the questions of origin of the Kazakh literature, its uniqueness and connection with the folklore. He collected, studied and prepared for publications the poetic heritage of Kazakh Akyns (people who has talent of improvisation, and making song spontaneously) and Zhiraus (tellers) of the 15-18 centuries. My granddad published several books, one of the most well known one is about Ibrahim Altynsarin, the book was published in 1965. Altynsarin was a major figure in Pre-Soviet Kazakh history. He was the most prominent Kazakh educator of the late 19th century, during the period of Russian colonization and cultural influence in Kazakhstan. Altynsarin was the person who created the first Kazakh grammar book. There were other researches and publications of my granddad about famous Kazakh people who created Kazakh nation and these books and publications are very popular and being used a lot. This year my granddad would have been 80 years old. It’s such a shame that intelligent people, first minds of the nation, leave this world very early, but I can surely say that my granddad is alive, not only in my heart, but also in his works, as people remember his researchers and use his findings.

My grandmother was a librarian; she was a very intelligent and clever person also. Since I was a child she was educating and supporting me a lot. Back in the days when I was studying at school, I remember her helping me in writing my essays and thesis works in Kazakh language, and I should admit that working with my grandmother was fun.  She was the best grandmother in the world and I miss her a lot.

From my father’s side, my grandparents are both mathematicians. My grandmother’s name is Kapiya Izbasova. She is originally from Atyrau, but since her student days she lives in Almaty. She graduated from Kazakh Pedagogical University, where she met my grandfather. After graduation, she started teaching math in the very first Kazakh school in Almaty. She worked there until her retirement. My grandmother is an honored teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A lot of students that were studying at my grandmother class made a lot of achievements and now work in the leading positions in the governmental and non-governmental organizations and are helping to build the economy of Kazakhstan.


Both my grandparent’s are very unique people; about them you can say that they have relatives and friends everywhere. I remember from my childhood, my grandparents always helped students who came to Almaty to study, and it didn’t matter whether it was distant relatives or a son/daughter of neighbors. At that period, when Kazakhstan was still in the Soviet Union, it was hard and expensive for people to come from other cities and villages to live and study in Almaty. So, my grandparents were helping such students by tutoring them and providing shelter, and a lot of that people received good education, in the math specialization. We lived as a big family; my grandparents, my uncle, my aunts, my parents and also students.   In all the stages of my life they took the huge part in it, by helping, navigating and just being there for me; and I would try my best to be like them.

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