Medet’s Grandparents and Unforgettable Impressions


Everybody will be grandparents of their child’s children in the future when child grow up, get married and born children. It is happy feeling when you see how your grandchildren grow up and become as a person and the part of human world. It is interesting to observe their different behaviors and skills. Grandchildren love more grandparents than parents, because they punish less, always let more things to do, which might be forbidden at family house. Sometimes parents give their first child to grandparents for nurture and they have a right to give name to first child.


For example, my grandparents lived in the village and I lived with my family in the city.  On summer holidays my parents sent me to the grandparents to village where I stayed for two months in the village that was really great. Fresh air, mountains around the village and dense forest next to the village, where usually we used to go to pick berries and mushrooms and it   remained in my memory unforgettable impressions.


My grandfather’s name is Diken and grandmother’s name is Maira. They were born in 1930s of the XX century. When I was a child they were telling me stories about their childhood. It was a hard time due to the great depression and overall hunger. Several years later after hunger, World War II had begun. Everybody worked on fields and plants to provide current supplies for frontline and my grandparents were not the exception. They also participated in that processes. When World War II finished they were involved in to the execution of postwar activities. At that time they were living in the East region of Kazakhstan. They worked in construction and agriculture sphere. After retirement my grandparents decided to stay at village to nurture grandchildren and do farming.    


My grandparents had many domestic animals. Grandfather instructed me how to ride a horse, later when I got experienced I participated at many horse races as a jockey. Also they taught me a lot of things which are still useful in my current life. I always listen to their advise, because I realized that they have great life experience. Communication with them is still so interesting and useful for me. If I have any difficulties and can not make right decision, I ask my grandparents to advise and show me the best way to solve them. Sometimes I do not agree with their opinion but later I see that they were right. My grandfather passed away in early 1980’s. Grandmother now lives in the city and still continues to nurture grandchildren and I see how she loves her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and they want to be with her too.  

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