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Saltanat’s “Mother Hero” Grandmother

 My darling grandparents on my mother’s side lived in very difficult time, they saw World War and famine, they lost their relatives, but always they had an optimistic view on the life, and we are their child and grandchildren, we know that they had Great love.  Their love story was like Romeo and Juliet’s story, with passion, strong feeling and fate incident, however they were happy people.


My grandpa was born in 1930.When he was a little school-boy, Second World’s War began, and he left school to provide for two families, his and his uncle’s. He worked on military factory, they produced guns, arms. It was a very hard time, however, my grandpa believed in the Great Future, he worked, and he tried for this aim.


My grandma was born in 1933, and she lived like her future husband, but in her history there is one event, which made her life more difficult. When she was 13 years old girls, a male teacher from her local school stole her and took her away from her parents and relatives.  She lived with him one year, she bore a child.  She was absolutely unhappy, but after one year when she had opportunity to leave him and go to home, she did it.


 Sometimes later my grandma and grandpa met, and he fell in love, but my grandmother didn’t want to get married again, after her first bad experience, but my grandfather was persistent person, like real men, he waited for her for two years, and she was real women, I can say, Femme fatal. When they became one family, they had 10 Children, and in Soviet period my grandmother took title Mother-Hero!!!They tried give to their child’s stability future, they moved from country to Almaty, for their 10 children to take a good education. Besides this they always helped relatives, how they could do it. My mom and my uncles and aunts remember them how people who always in a good temper. In our family there are my grandmother’s memoirs, because my grandma wrote poems in Kazakh language about their youth, love, life, about children, whose were near her and whose she bereavement. Those poems are for us very important and have great significance; it is our remembrance, part of our life.


My grandma died in 2007. For me it was very bad, difficult time, when I remember it I cry…My darling grandma always told me: “Saltanat, you must study 25 years, first is school 11 years, after is University 5 years  and Magistrate 2-3 years and after it you can do what you want because you will have a lot of chance get married or go to work”. Today I can say that she was right, I finished school and University and now I am here in an MBA program, and our dreams are similar.

I miss you my Darling Grandparents….

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