Yana’s Kyrgyz and Russian Connections

Unfortunately, only my mother’s father is alive. My grandfather was born in Kyrgyzstan. Very long time he worked in “The Union of Press”. Today he is pensioner. My grandmother was born in Bashkiriya (in Russia). She finished school and wanted to be a surgeon and went to Tashkent to enter to the Medical University. But she had not enough grades, and entered the Pedagogical University; instead she graduated as the teacher of geography. She met my grandfather and they married. They came back to my grandfather’s parents place in Kyrgyzstan.


During those times at schools, there were not enough teachers of Russian language and literature and my grandmother trained for a new field. And all her life she was the teacher of Russian language and literature. She worked at the village school in south of Kyrgyzstan. She was “an excellent teacher of the Kyrgyz Republic”; it is a reward. All her life she lived in Kara-Su, it’s the small town in the south of Kyrgyzstan. The last years of her life she lived with us in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. She was ill with cancer. Of course we helped her and took care of her. But she died. Grandpa and grandma have two children, my mother and her brother. My uncle lives with his family in Russia, not far from Moscow. He has a son.


My father’s grandmother with her family were repressed and they were sent to somewhere in Kazakhstan. Here she met my grandfather, they married. My grandfather also was repressed to Kazakhstan, but later than my grandma. After 1950s they returned to Dal’niyi Vostok in Russia, near to the border with North Korea. My father was born there. Then they went to another part of Russia. After that my grandfather decided to move to Kazakhstan. Even here the family of my father traveled a lot. And at the end they stopped in Ushtobe not as far from Almaty. My grandparents all their life worked in agriculture where they grew vegetables. They had four children, my father and three daughters. The fourth daughter died when she was a two years old. She was the twin of my father. The families of my aunts are so big, so I have a lot of cousins. Unfortunately my grandma and grandpa are dead.


I love my grandparents. I remember my childhood most of the times I spent with my mother’s grandma in south of Kyrgyzstan. My parents had some job, so they were forced to leave me there. Actually I liked to spend summer with my grandma; I had a lot of friends there. Two times I with my grandma went to Bashkiriya to her mother. So I met with my grand grand mother. Also I liked to spend time with my father’s parents, because as I said I have a lot of cousins. When all families from my father’s side are gathering together, we are more then 30 persons; it is always a lot of fun. The last time when we gathered was 2009 New Year, just few weeks ago.

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