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“Being Intellectually Wealthy” by Ainur T.

One Kazakh tradition says that any Kazakh person has to know his or her seven predecessors, meaning that we have to keep in mind all the information about our seven forerunners. This information is to be passed from generation to generation. Obviously, it is a good way to know more about your kin and memorizing them would certainly let you become more intellectually wealthy. However, due to some reasons like the wars and the periods of starvation in the 19th century had a certain affect on the information of your family roots and in some cases this information could be lost. These different events had an effect on my grandparents too.

I was lucky to see my grandfather from my dad’s side and grandmother from my mum’s and surely they will always be kept in my mind. Despite the fact that my other grandparents had gone to another world before I was born, I know their life stories from my parents’ tales and their pictures. They were really great people and they have their own good family history.

My grandfather was a Second World War veteran and he had lots of great different awards and medals for demonstrating his bravery during this terrible war. He was a commander. After the war he was respected by the village people for demonstrating his management skills when he was the head of the collective farm. His village was located in the eastern part of Kazakhstan. My grandfather’s wife or my grandmother was a respected school teacher, she taught Kazakh language.

My mom’s mother or my grandmother was a really good person and she was so kind, beautiful, and smart and there are many other great definitions that could be addressed to her. First of all, I personally thank her for giving birth to my mom.

There are also many things could be said about great-grandmother from my mom’s side. She had a real personal history of survival during the starvation period. My great-grandmother was able to cope with all these problems and she was a mentally strong lady. Passing through all the obstacles she faced can only be referred to hers heroism. She became known throughout our region, in Semey, for her ability to cure people of many diseases.  

In conclusion, I would like to say that in case if each family in Kazakhstan would go on keeping their families stories and traditions, our nation’s cultural wealth would be always kept. Because each family in the world constitutes nations and societies they live in. The main thing is that each person has to take care of his or her grandparents because their wisdom will sometimes help you keep moving in the right direction. 




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