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“Best Grandmother in the World” by Baurzhan

This story about my grandmother’s difficult life which is in my opinion very exciting and useful. My grandmother’s name is Kulzhamal. She was born in 1945 in the village called Zhetygen it’s about 50 kilometers from the Almaty. The family where she was born was poor and big with six children and two adults. As you know after the war when you have nothing, even something to eat, it is very difficult to bring up six children. Then her parents decided to send her to their sister. That period was very difficult for all people. Children even couldn’t imagine eating a chocolate. From the food there was only potatoes and bread of taste you will never forget. But nevertheless people were friendly to each other, they believed in a future that one day their life will change. And also people worked very hard struggling for their posterity. Most of the children had to work from early age as my grandma did. Also she looked after her brothers and sisters. It was important to grow up early to understand the situation and to take some responsibilities for that time.


When she was eighteen years old she was working in a railway where she met my grandfather and after a couple of month they got married. There is no doubt that my grandmother was gorgeous. It’s amazing to see a wonderful young lady doing men’s job without fear. Unfortunately, she had to move on with her husband to another place where they were waiting for a baby if to be correct it was my mother. Actually pregnancies didn’t stop till the fourth baby was born.


From the words of grandma everything was going well when suddenly grandfather was hospitalized because of need of surgery to the heart. He never looked like he had some problems with his health she says. For all of them the surgery turned into a tragedy, nobody could imagine that something might happen and the morning brought bad news.


Despite the stresses of emotional feelings, she could stand on her legs and find some power that helped to overcome these barriers. She felt responsible for her children, she needed to be strong to bring them up careful.


Near the home there was a farm where grandma worked day and night while the boys grew up. Another problem become to another bigger problem. With lack of money many people had to deal with at that time. Only one thing brought happiness when the all children passed their exams and became students. It is like a bright light in the dark tunnel which brings hope and main idea of the whole life.


Nowadays we can see the result of the hard work despite of the many obstacles which humans should pass during his life. Today she is sixty four and she has seven grandsons but she is still active. Sometimes we call her “glamorous grandma” because she loves traveling abroad especially to Europe. To be honest, it’s wonderful to have a grandmother like her. You can always ask something, learn more that you don’t know and you will get the right answer.

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