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Lyazzat’s Grandparents Love Story

     Almost 60 years ago two young people a man and woman met each other. They were so happy that destiny brought them together. He was older than her by 10 years, he was 26 years old and she was 16. After one year from their meeting they got married. Starting from that period the history of our family was started.

This love story was about my grandparents, they are the parents of my father. I’d like to start with my grandfather, he was with the strong spirit man, he spent a lot of time in his job (he was blacksmith), because he had to feed his big family. He had 7 children – 6 sons and one daughter, but he never showed his love to his children, because he was a person of that period, when men never showed love and positive attitude towards their children.  For him it was very difficult to live in Kazakhstan, because he was an ‘oralman’, he moved from China in 1955 and thanks to our history we know that it was very difficult time after the World War II. He died when he was 53 years old because of disease – cancer of lungs.

As for my grandmother she was born in a big family and that’s why she had graduated only 4 classes in school, because she had to look after her small brothers and sisters. She is also from China. When she was 17 she got married and gave birth to 9 children (but she lost 2 of them when they were in infants), and she was caring about them when her husband worked. But after the death of my grandfather, my grandmother left with 7 children, the elder son – my father he was 24 years old and the younger son was 4 years old, my father was a student and he studied in another city in Almaty, my grandma decided to work in order to feed her family, she worked in a mill in 3 shifts, because no one helped her, just only the love of her children helped her not to feel the despair.

I am very proud of my grandma; she did not have an education background but she did all her best in order for realization of her dream to give opportunity for her children, that they would be able to graduate from Institutes, and for today all her children received different types of Diplomas. The life of my grandma was really very difficult; she did not receive enough love from her parents, from her husband (because she lost him very early), but she did not lose the belief in this feeling thanks to her children, because she loved them so much that this love was enough for her and for her children.

 This year we will celebrate her 75th birthday and we hope that all her children and grandchildren will congratulate her on this day and will wish her to be healthy and wealthy, and to continue to present her love for us. We will also love her and be proud of her, because all that we have today is all thanks to our favourite grandmother.          



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