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Nurlan believes everyone should know their family history

My grandfather’s name is Aubakirov Gabdulla. He was born in Semipalatinsk in 1908. His father’s name is Aubakir and he worked as a teacher. Gabdulla grew up in big family; he had four brothers and one sister.  My grandfather was the third child in the family. When he was eight their family moved to Ust’-Kamenogorsk. Gabdulla studied and graduated the high school  in Ust’-Kamenogorsk. After that he worked as the teacher of high school.


In 1941 began the World War2. At that time all men had to go to war and my grandfather went to war too.  Gabdulla was  commander of  mortar battery. His task was to specify a location of the enemy. Sometimes for exactness he had to cause a fire on itself. I think that not everybody can do it, so I think my grandfather was a very brave man. I am very proud of him. He took part in the Battle of Leningrad and was injured. After the war he was rewarded with a lot of medals and awards, some of it was given for valour and bravery.


At the end of the 1940s my grandfather worked in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee, also at that time he studied at a university in Almaty, his specialization was as teacher of history. Later he studied at the Moscow university.  In the beginning of the 1950s my grandparents moved in Kokchetav.  In that period the Communist Party organized the campaign of breaking fresh ground in this area.  At the end of a 1970s my grandfather worked in Council of Ministers and he retired in 1980. When I was born in 1986 my grandfather was seventy eight years old. He was very happy and he bought a baby-carriage for me. In spite of his age, he was very active and sometimes he walked with me in the park.  He died in 1993.


Next, my grandmother’s name is Zhibek.  She was born in Orenburg in 1918. My grandmother grew up in a children’s home.  She knew nothing about her family.  She studied in medical university. But she didn’t finish university because of war. My grandparents got married in 1941. In the war time she worked as a nurse and waited for her husband. She was very happy when he returned from war alive, in spite of that, his one hand did not move.  They had two of their own children: my aunt and my father. My aunt was born in 1945 and my father was born in 1965.  Also they cared about children of their grandfather’s older brother, who perished during the war-time. My grandmother was very kind and hospitable.  The last years of her life she had problems with health, she suffered from high blood pressure.  She died in 1979 of a stroke. My father was thirteen years old. The difference in age between my aunt and my father is twenty years, so my aunt cared for my father after my grandmother’s death.  I never saw my grandmother.

I think everybody should know history of their family.

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