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Murat’s Grandfather named Makhsut

From my opinion grandparents is a major part of any family, like foundation of house. They always can help you to solve different problematic situations and give good advice. And also grandparents love you for free, just because you are present in their lives.  In this essay I want tell you about my grandfather from my mother side.

My grandfather’s name is Makhsut and he was born in 15 September of 1930. His father was a butcher and mother was a baker, they worked for the government. My grandfather had two brothers and four sisters. Nowadays only two sisters of my grandfather survived. When Second World War began, my grandfather was only eleven years old boy. War time and also some years after it were very difficult not only for my grandfather’s family, but also for each family involved to this meaningless war.

Despite the hard times, his family survived. I think the major reason is because their parents had good jobs or to be exactly correct they had cereal jobs. Somewhere in this time my grandfather was between life and death, because he was bitten by snake. There was no opportunity to call a doctor or to give antidote, but to big happiness, my grandfather survived. You can wonder why? I can tell you. Because father of Makhsut found way how to help for his son, he sucker out all poison and put him into fresh mowed grass. And these actions helped to save my grandfather.

After completion of high school, he entered into the national university of Kazakhstan on biological faculty. But after one year, he got small damage on his foot and was forced to take academic break. Because studying on biological faculty requires being often in cold classes and his foot always hurt then because was too cold.

During academic break my grandfather was forced to go to serve in the army.  After that, he tried to enter into the university the second time, but there was no opportunity to do that.  On some day my grandfather met his old friend and he told him that in Uzbekistan he had a chance to start studying in current year. Grandfather went to the strange country without money and without any ideas where and how he would live. After arrival to the Uzbekistan and searching for university, he understood that there was no possibility to start study in this year. And he began to search for job opportunity, while he found job he lived in his friend’s dormitory. Dormitory looked like one big room with many beds and nightstands. Grandfather was forced to steal bread from nightstands, because he hadn’t any money.   But it was only three days and after that he found job in local factory. Grandfather worked on factory for one year and then entered in police academy. In 1956 he completed police academy and went back to Kazakhstan.

In 1957 he married my grandmother. They have two sons and one daughter, my mother. Grandfather worked in police force for more than 25 years. After retirement he was a director of bus station.  Now he is pensioner and enjoys life surround his loving natives and close friends.   

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