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My Grandmother Met Indira Ghandi

I love my grandmother, because she is very kind, careful, clever, magnanimous. In spite of the fact that she is 78 years, she still has a young soul. She likes to laugh, joke, and sing songs. I can ask her for any advice and she always will help in a difficult minute. Always in a course of all events, she knows all birthdays of relatives and my friends. It is always pleasant to receive from her congratulations. My grandmother is very glad to host visitors, she is sociable and always smiles. Her life had many events. Both were the difficult moments and pleasure tears, but always she found in herself the force to live, rejoice and hope.


She was born in 1932, in village near from Tselinograd (nowadays Astana). In those times when she was born the national economy collectivization took place. Because of the direct action and management from outside government, a lot of people died. Hunger and cattle failing led to death of more than 2 million Kazakhs. My Granny told me that a cannibal wished to steal her, but her mother rescued her.


Her childhood was very amusing. She tells us with pleasure how she went for a drive on a sledge, fished, went for a drive on a horse, carried one boots with the brother. It is a lot of interesting stories about a rural life. But the Second World War had begun soon and she had to abandon her native home to go to work in a factory. She was the seamstress. She sewed clothes for military people, and at leisure time sewed clothes for children. It was a very heavy time which remains in her memory.


After the end of war, she moved to Karaganda where it was arranged to work in a shop. Having worked five years the seller, Grandmother took on factory which made alcoholic drinks such as vodka, wine, beer. She told that many workers got drunk at work. Grandmother arranged much fun and always joked. For her diligence and her merits she was awarded with many medals. Granny had worked at factory for 36 years. She with pride says that she at outlived five presidents: I.V Stalin, L.I Brezhnev, N.С Khruschev, M.S Gorbachev and N.А Nazarbaev.


My grandmother saw Indira Gandi when she came in Kazakhstan. Indira was so pleasant to my grandmother that she has resolved that the grand daughter she names, Indira. From the date of my birth she brought me up and also my elder brother. When my parents were at work, my grandmother paid all attention to us. Her warmth, care, love surrounded me, even now. She strongly worries about my successes and failing, worries, always calls. Even when parents don’t let me go to disco club, she lets me go. She speaks that it is necessary to have fun while young. My family very much appreciates and respects our grandmother.


I have not written words about the grandfather because I do not know him and did not see him. I only know that when my Mum was one year old, they divorced. And anybody is more about him did not hear. However, I would like to see him, to talk, to know  how he lives. Grandmother has taught me that it is necessary to forgive people, to respect each other, fairly to concern everything, and go to the treasured purpose. I would say that my Granny has golden hands.  She prepares till now, doesn’t pay attention  to illness, but now it is difficult for her to walk. Nevertheless, she is optimistic. Every month she sends me half her pension so that I would have dinner. Probably much else is possible to write about her. I am very strongly proud of her, I love and I hope that she will live long and happily. She is my second Mum.


written by Indira

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