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“Deportation” of Koreans to Central Asia by Natalya

My grandfather and great-grandfather back in XIX century, immigrated to the Far East from North Korea, along with many Koreans who moved to Russia. The emigration of Koreans into the territory of the Far Eastern empire encouraged by the king’s government for the development of its huge unoccupied spaces. 


My grandmother and grandfather were born in Primorye: in 1908 his grandfather and grandmother in 1910, after they married, they moved to Khabarovsk. On that day in 1937, they had two young children. But Resolution of the ANC on 21 August 1937, all the Far Eastern Koreans were declared ineligible and unreliable, resettled in Central Asia. I will not tell a lot about the hardships associated with the fact of eviction. People were simply immersed in a boxcar of goods and were allowed to take only the most necessary. And in closed cars for months were removed from the Far East to Central Asia. People were not given food, water garnered for short stops. Far behind the train people some were shot with rifles from the cars. In the case of the death of Red settlers, who were guarding cars they simply threw dead bodies on the railway from the moving train. For only they know the orders, some people landed amidst bare Kazakh steppes, and the composition of the remaining people to follow on. To survive, people were forced to dig dugouts, threw open steppe and planted corn or wheat, which they carried with them. Nobody now can say how many people died then when moved nor how many died from hunger and disease.


 If the face, the eviction of people, it is called the innocent word “deportation” in fact this was the repression – and even cruel. And with regard to their made to deport, it was true GENOCIDE. People were subjected to repression, until 1957, were on special category, called special continent and settler. They were used in the most menial, physically hard work, of them were working the army of good and terrible, inhumane, as the camp inmates, incomparable even famous for its atrocities in concentration camps.  


In conclusion, I want to say about my grandfather and grandmother; they were uneducated because they lived a hard life, all their lives they cultivated rice in South of Uzbekistan. They had six children, only four survived. In 1962 they moved from Tashkent to Sary-Agash, where they live to this day. Despite my grandparents being uneducated, they gave and raised all their children with a decent education. They were very fair, honest and decent people. Despite the fact that they had seen a lot of cruelty and horror, they were very gentle and kind people. Unfortunately, my grandfather is not already 19 years ago, but when he left us, he had his own house with several children and grandchildren, and he was happy that we lived in peace and harmony.         


My grandmother is alive to this day, and I hope that she would be long with us. For 19 years, there is a lot to learn from her, she survived the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and she is glad that in life there have been many changes. People become free and it is happy. We are her children and grandchildren, a lot of opportunities, for example, my brother last year, traveled for three months in the U.S. on the exchange, and this is as much a likely now.

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