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Aigerim’s Ancestor, the Warrior Hero – Raimbek

The story about my grandparents seems so sad, I have never seen them. They died, when I was a little baby. So, there isn’t any necessity to write about their sorrowful and tragical events.  Therefore, I am more attracted to write about my ancestor, my great-great-great-great grandfather from the clan of Alban, legendary historical hero of the 18 century.

In people’s legends was preserved a poetic Raimbek’s answer to Khan of Kazakhs, when he told about his ancestry: “Adamant Alban-my further ancestor, from him- brave Alzhan, from Alzhan-Sirimbet, Sirimbet’s son- Khankeldy. My grandfather Khankeldy gave life to seven sons: second was Tuke, from him I was born”.

The times of difficult trials for Kazakhs was in 18 century. In the first quarter of 18 century huge hordes of Zhungars invaded in the steppes of Kazakhs, and started cruelly destroying all in their way. The Kazakhs forced out of running from the enemy, leaving their yurts and cattle. But the time of Great Miseries didn’t break down the will of Kazakhs or their courage and striving to the liberty. Each Kazakh aul, clan and zhuz set their heroes (batyrs), whom headed people’s militia.

One of them was my ancestor Raimbek hero. In juvenile years Raimbek showed his military abilities and when he was a 17-years old, he distinguished himself by victories in struggle with Zhungars. Like his grandfather Khankeldy, who struck down a lot of Zhungar’s warriors, Raimbek struggled with the arch-enemies like a hero and honored to be warrior, hero( Kazakh version is a batyr).

Ablay Khan gathered together all Kazakh warriors and declared Raimbek his military leader.  Being a military leader, Raimbek managed with the tactic actions of Kazakh forces and took part in the battles personally.

In Semirechye between the ranges of Toraygyr and Soget there is a place, which people call “ Oyran tobe” (“oyran” means “ death of Zhungars”), Raimbek won a splendid victory in the cruelest battle.

About glorious hero people composed such a touching legend. One day after one of the cruelest battles, Raimbek peeped into the gorge in Toraygyr Mountains to satisfy a thirst. When he didn’t find water, Raimbek raised his hands to the sky and in desperation said: “Oh, my God! If you give me the truth of the life, you will give me water!” After that he plunged his sword in the earth, and water streamed forth. In public, this water source is called by the name of Raimbek, who is considered as a saint.

Before the death of Raimbek, he appealed with a request to bury him in the place where his camel will stop. The mausoleum of my great ancestor, whom made his huge contribution in development of Kazakh’s stability, situated in Almaty, in Raimbek avenue.

So, I’m proud of being a descendant of such a great ancestor like my great-great-great- grandfather Raimbek, the warrior.


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