More “Lost Heart of Asia”

I’ve picked up reading where I left off from Colin Thubron’s book titled “Lost Heart of Asia” which focusses more on Uzbekistan than any of the other Central Asian countries.  Seems Thubron may have preferred that country when he visited in the early 1990s because it was so exotic.  Still is. 

The following are some words I have picked up along the way which directly apply to the Uzbek culture and perhaps may be similar in meaning or customs to the Kazakhs as well:

Cheykhana”buy groceries with friends and prepare food together like teamwork – play a lot of group games together while cooking


Sochpopuk” – decoration for girl’s hair which is made out of the leaves of willows in spring.


Zakorat” – intellectual game


“do’ppi” – beautiful cap


Navruz – biggest Eastern New Year holiday, similar to Narooz in Kazakhstan


Hayit – holiday


Gurtik – drink tea and eat gurtik (not sure what that is?)


Sumalak – national food (not sure about this either but will check into it)


“Istiqbolli avlod – organization that works against human trafficking


Dilrabo – name which means charisma


Dilafruz – name means “beautiful girl”


“Shuhrat” medal – awarded by the Uzbek president for honorable service for the Uzbek nation and society


Kamolot – youth movement in Uzbekistan where the students learn how to handle difficult situations; learn to interact with those from other cultures or backgrounds, such as Russia.



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