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Midwest Gals Go Shopping in Almaty


Saturday afternoon provided perfect slushiness on the sidewalks to freely roam around the Green Market.  Kathy (Indiana), Tanya (Ohio) and me from (Minnesota) first went to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the Green Market and then went to the “Second Hand” stores looking for the best bargains.  We checked which ones were still open, I used to know where seven of them were just north of the Green Market bazaar.  We only visited four stores and one has gone really upscale with major remont while their prices were the best in fur coats.  One beautiful fur we were feeling was 19,000 tenge but with 70% reduction it amounted to $58!!!  We were tempted, okay to touch but NOT to buy!  Girls day out in the sun was fun while trying to get bargains at other shops with the use of the valuable word “skeet-ka” which translates into “bargain.”  Worked like a charm every time.

The following photo shows two men struggling with a cart full of chunks of ice they were moving out from the Green Market.  You didn’t have to know Russian to know one was yelling at the other “Go this way!”  The other would angrily respond, “I can’t, the wheels are caught” or something like that.  They created enough of a commotion that I had time to get my camera out for a snap of the arduous efforts to move their cart of ice through the crowds of shoppers.


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