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Family Fun Fotos at Our Christmas Party

pc260109My sister Karen holds the imfamous bottle of water that came with Ken and me from Almaty in December of 1993.  The bottle has been passed around the households from sibling to sibling these past 15 years.  The rule of the game is to make sure that the person being gifted with this bottled water from Kazakhstan doesn’t know they received it.  It has had a long history of laughs with how creative each gifter has become. My favorite is when brother Tim put it in our car amongst all our wrappings of carryout food.  He did it under cloak of darkness.  We thought he and his wife had tossed it since it had been out of circulation for about 2-3 years. Earlier, my sister Katherine used a orange carton to camouflage it in another’s fridge.  One time my sister Tora busted perhaps Katherine from having her toddler son carry it into their car.  My brother Tony gave it as a white elephant gift to my sister Karen at our Christmas party.  Now I’m not sure who has this valuable bottle of water.  Each recipient labels the date when they received it.  Perhaps this glass bottle will have another 15 years of laughs.  I love my sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews and am grateful for a time that we could spend together, be it ever so short.


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