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Job Satisfaction in KZ: My Students Reviews

The Course of Academic Reading and Writing seemed to be extremely terrifying for me, because I had got an unsuccessful experience.  But, when we started studying all my fears disappeared.  During this course I have learned how to use academic articles, writing in an academic style.  And the main thing is that I understood a meaning of academic essays.  Now I know how and what for it can be done.  Moreover, I feel that I enjoy writing and writing essays. It’s great!


I’ve learned how to write academic assignments, moreover, this class was really worth for me for my future development.


In this class I have learnt how to write an effective thesis statement and Thesis Statement Builder, and how to use academic sources without “Googling.”  I have understood that it is much more difficult to write an essay using academic sources rather than information on the Internet.


I went through this course twice.  At the beginning the whole idea of a course was annoying me, I did not understand why I needed it.  So, by not (finishing) or passing the first one I’ve finally got it.  I’ve understood through the searches I did for essays that you cannot trust any source you use, that you must check information.  I’ve read a lot and now I think my writings have become more opinionized.  That is most important, I’ve learned even my thoughts become more clear to me.


During classes I’ve found a lot of new information, especially when we were doing our SSAs [self study assignments].  And about our problem-solution essay, it was a great work!  I found many new materials, knew a lot about different problems in Soviet time from my groupmates.


I understand how to make thesis statement.  I can show my own idea in essay how to exactly show my own words and thoughts.  It was very difficult for me working in bibliography, but I could do it.  I exactly understand what I should do.


I really liked this class.  You taught me how to write discursive essay and understand it.  Now I know how to explain my thinking on the paper.  And the meaning of the thesis statement.  I know how to find the main idea in article.  And also I’ve got known a lot of words (academic words).  It made my grammar better than it was before.  And also I want to say I really a lot of information.  You know why?!  Because it was really interesting classes.  It was not boring lessons.  And for me it was really freedom of my speech in this lesson.  I am really glad to be your student.


I learned how to do an academic writing and use APA style.  Now I can write essay without any problem.  Now, also I can easily write a thesis statement and I know how the real academic paper should look like.


This course was very difficult and interesting at the same time.  All stuff that we learned gave us knowledge and opportunity to make and use academic material and sources.


Also, I was very glad that teacher try to help us to organize our time, and is able to help us every time.  Especially I was happy that our teacher taught us to use electronic resources.  I’m sure that all that skills will help me in my future educational process.


Earlier, it was difficult for me to start writing, but now I feel myself comfortable and sometimes I have even more words than needed.  Now I know how to prove my opinion with academic article.  So my writing skills improved (I hope so)…And I want to thank you for sending all information by e-mail, it means that you do care for us.  And every time I have your letters, I feel like I’m an important student in your class.  And about  this final essay!  I knew my grandfather’s story but I have never realized that this problem is so huge and how its victims suffered.


Final work was interesting and it showed that history of our country, our ancestors.


Now I know that my relatives don’t know real and exact history about my grandparents because they did not tell anything worth mentioning.


I’m glad to have studied in this class.  Because first of all, I learned academic writing.  Now I can use those knowledge, which I derived during this four months, in my future educational process.  The first step was to write SSA in a right way, using the articles, which we could find in electronic resources, that we never used before.

The second step was to write the discursive essay, which was at the beginning quite difficult but after second draft, I clearly understood the structure of such type of essay.

And finally, the problem-solution essay, where we could use not only the journal articles, quotes but also the sad stories of our grand parents.  Using our academic knowledge and the real interview of our ancestors, we could clearly emphasize the problem and write the solution made by our relatives.  And in general I like that time and I’m sure I’ll be missing it very much…I think we, all our classmates, could combine the work with the pleasure.


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