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“Digital Natives” Comments in KZ – Part II

The following is a continuation with ten more comments made by my Academic Reading and Writing students after they heard me read my article about “Kazakhstan’s Orality vs. InfoLiteracy” off the screen.  The last several responses show that there are definite limitations in being too wired in to the techie world.


N.K. In Kazakhstan, we have a serious and unsolved problem in education even nowadays.  But we are a developing country, we hope that all will be all right.  I support the project of our President Nazarbaev.  Project related to the building of “Information Technology Park” in Alatau IT City.  It will work before 2011…We lack information literacy at our schools.  Especially teachers should know how to use different programs in computer.  By using it, they can do their subjects more interesting and more productive.  Information literacy, it is what we need nowadays.


N.B. We are living in the 21 st century, Digital World.  I agree that nowadays we have digital inequality.  Teenagers and children, they are digital natives.  From the small ages they started to use computers, playing different kinds of games, doing homework on Internet, browsing Internet to search for different kinds of information.  They were born in that time where computers play an important part in our lives.  People who are much older (I think from 40 years old) they are digital immigrants.  When they were teenagers, they didn’t have computers and now it is difficult for them to understand how it works and difficult to use it.


K.V. I watched TV and heard that also there are some places where teachers taught the old generation how to use computers, they are very glad that they can use e-mail and can send these mails to relatives that are very far from them, they said that it is more better than letter which is sent very slow.  Technologies helps society to write faster or they can find an online book, which is faster than to go to library.


M.K. I think that our schools should change the methods of teaching to newer ones using more technologies, rather than just oral method we used before.  There are much more possibilities for that nowadays than there were even 5-10 years ago.  We can use powerpoints, Moviemaker, Excel, Photoshop, and other things on the Internet.


S.O. The literacy of ancient Kazakhs is oral, but only few is written.  Nowadays everything has changed.  Everyone started to use computers, Internet.  But there are some people who don’t know how to use the computers.  Next generation, our little brothers and sisters will live in a more improved and developed world.


A.A. But the main point is how to use and understand this information, in order to be a literacy person.  If we, our country, will leave all these things and will stay at the same level all the time, it would be a great problem.  All the world developing all the time, and we should follow it step by step and maybe be in the lead.


V.S.  Kazakhstan is a poorly developed country in digital aspect.  Internet began widely spread about two years ago and still we have slow Internet.  In Japan 4G is available but we don’t even have 3G.  Also, Kazakhstan doesn’t invent any gadgets.  So, I think we need to produce and invent technological devices.


L.J. We are living in a Global Village and we have all innovations that the world has approved.  But the difference between us and Europe, for instance, is in the amount of these innovations.  The problem is that we are not producing digital things yet, so we buy them from abroad.  And they are expensive, so not everyone can afford the latest I-phone or something.  But particularly, in every family there is at least one computer, t.v. dvd player, so our citizens, young people know the basics of how to deal with digital things.


G.M. With a great level of technological progress that exists now, it is very hard but from the other side is very useful to follow it.  We can’t live now without computers and we must be information literacied, in order to get any job or study at university.  In some cases, I think it is really helpful and made some people’s lives easier and sometimes it saves our time.  However, now people are always in a hurry, we always have lots to do and sometimes don’t pay attention on something that is very meaningful in our live.  Our ancestors weren’t literacied, but they were really happy.


A.Y. On the one hand, it is useful to master computer programs, Internet, even games for children.  But on the other hand, virtual life will become inevitable part of peoples’ lives and it can replace the real friends, parents and teachers.  A person who will use only computer and life with the life of this thing, just can be lost in this technological world.  And his life will be fulfilled only by programs and unreal games.  In my opinion, using computers, people shouldn’t forget about personal, real life and balance these two things.

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