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A missed award and another former student’s comment

Lucky Penguin could have gotten the “Best Blog Dart Thinker” award but alas and unfortunately for me she has switched over to writing her blog in Russian.  While using Google translator I can tell that she is waxing very poetic.  I miss the days when I could understand Lucky Penguin’s writing in English, she was (and is) a VERY good writer.  Of course, she is under no obligation to me and Lucky Penguin can do whatever she wants. Blogging is no longer an assignment I expect from my former Ukrainian students.  I had forgotten that I had required three times a week of blog entries from all my charges.  I have not dared ask my Kazakh students to blog for a number of reasons but mainly because Internet connections are not as fast or reliable in Almaty as they were in Kyiv, Ukriane.  In fact, Internet connections seem to be getting worse rather than improving!!!

The following is what my dear NoireSwan wrote.  How I LOVE to read their comments and know that I’m appreciated by my former students:

April 18, 2008 , You know…I can not say why I am writing this…just some special feeling is pushing me to express myself here.

A year ago everything was so different from now. so many people came and went, so many thing happened. and suddenly, siting in a bus, back from high school, i remembered of K.G. why? ask someone else… 

Probing Noireswan on August 31st, I asked what she remembered about me as her former composition teacher.  This is what she wrote on Sept. 8, 2008:

Ha! I remember my first class with our substitute teacher who was telling us: ‘K.G. is so hardworking and she expects this from you’. And when we’ve started our classes with you I realized how right he was))
And then, in the bus, I was thinking of our teachers and know what?
To tell the truth, my English grammar is still not perfect, BUT… it’s much better than it was when I just came to the University. Who did this terrible work on me? K.G.! 
You know, sometimes I was angry, because it was really hard for me. Sometimes I was upset, because I couldn’t do what she expected from me. But now I am thankful to this professor, she knows that the result is the most important.


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