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Writing in English in Kazakhstan

Ruslan wrote the following in yesterday’s class concerning the movie “The Gods Must be Crazy”: “English is an international language. All the newest technology uses English, all the famous books and scholarly articles are written in English or translated to English. I suppose Xi [the bushman] first of all wanted to show how they live, as he said. He wanted othrs to know their way of living, totally disconnected from the developing world. Their village was one of the places where globalization hadn’t taken place yet. And how, as he saw people coming with computers, bringing books, teachers to teach young generation. I think Xi wanted next generation to enlight, to know what happens on the world and be educated. When he became old he saw the moment that children are not living better life than before.

Gaukhar wrote the following: “With the rise of power of English speaking countries, English language became the most popular in the world. The spread of English, happened because of that. For example, USA is a developed country, it has a strong economy and high level of production. In order to succeed, it should promote its own products in the world, so that’s why there are a lot of investors and filials of companies from US or UK. As if they are the head of it, they can dictate the rules. So, in order to communicate and find a good job or just go somewhere abroad, we should learn English, because it is spoken everywhere.”

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