More Autumn Leaves and a “Drip”


While I was growing up, no one enjoyed being called a “drip” but then again there were far worse names to be taunted by.  The response that some children would chant back to such an insult was the poem below.  Seems to me that Nature right now IS beautiful in Almaty where the trees are still hanging on to some of their colorful leaves.  More leaves are being absorbed into the grass, if they are not swept up first by the city workers every morning.


A drip is a drop

A drop is water

Water is rain

Rain is nature

Nature is beautiful

Thanks for the compliment!


I’m also reminded from the above ditty of what the British author C.S. Lewis wrote in his book “Mere Christianity” Book IV, chapter 2.


“…some people think that after this life, or perhaps after several lives, human souls will be ‘absorbed’ into God.  But when they try to explain what they mean, they seem to be thinking of our being absorbed into God as one material thing is absorbed into another.  They say it is like a drop of water slipping into the sea.  But of course that is the end of the drop.  If that is what happens to us, then being absorbed is the same as ceasing to exist.  It is only the Christians who have an idea of how human souls can be taken into the life of God and yet remain themselves – in fact, be very much more themselves than they were before.”

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