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Kazakh Faces on Train from Astana to Almaty

When my husband came back on the SLOOWWW train from Astana last week he was in the same compartment as these three travellers.  Fortunately he brought a good book with him to read, “Apples are from Kazakhstan” by Christopher Robbins to help while away the hours.  The older gentleman was quite hungry and his eyes lit up when he saw what Ken brought with him from Cholpon whom I blogged about yesterday.  She had sent with Ken some traditional Kazakh snack and the older Kazakh man was ready to have at it. 

Sometimes this older Kazakh man would go into some kind of a memorized story and the two younger Kazakhs would respectfully show their attention to him even though it looked like he was a poor man.  A proud man of his family of 5-6 children he is really RICH because they all live in Kazakhstan.  He supported George Bush and was against the action that happened in Georgia in August.  He thinks Kazakhstan could be next to that kind of hostile treatment.  That’s what I can remember from what my husband told me about this Kazakh man.  His eyes look like he has seen much and shows that his heart has been hurt perhaps as much.  So many stories to tell about this country and its past, so little time.

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