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Tchaikovsky’s Fifth and Groove Zone Duo Guests

Last night we enjoyed the concert of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony conducted by a very young man and played by very young instrumentalists.  They did a superb job in this 46 minute piece of four movements.  Because I played violin in an orchestra for nine years, I especially liked where we were sitting, four rows up from the violin section.  Also, I was able to have a very clear view of the French horn player.  He did an excellent job on his solo in the second movement.  I thanked him afterwards as we were in the lobby area and the musicians were leaving.  Listen to another French horn player under the direction of Leonard Bernstein in this You Tube link .




This past week I had two friends of ours come to my classroom to talk to my listening class.  Larry Gibson and Tanya Smith are from Ohio and sing at the Members Bar at the Intercontinental hotel.  They usually start their job at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. and don’t stop until 2 or 3:00 a.m. in the morning.  That’s about the same hours as some of my students keep so it was a brave of them to awake early and come to talk to my first class of the day.  I hope some of my students show up at Member’s Bar to hear them sing.  Check out this link on their website to hear the Groove Zone talent. 


Because this was an academic listening class, Tanya and Larry talked about how they started their music career and where this has taken them all over the world.  No singing was permitted, besides as Tanya said, they have to rest their voices for 8 hours before they practice or sing.  Their voices are their instruments, well they also play guitar and keyboards.  Tanya plays viola and wants to teach herself violin.  Larry has loved the guitar ever since he was a little boy.  The students enjoyed getting to hear from the Groove Zone Duo.  As you can see, I have GREAT looking students!


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