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A British Journalist Requests Info – Part II

Please read yesterday’s blog to find out from Part I what question my university students answered to help entice foreigners to come visit Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

Yelena – I love Almaty.  Actually I have travelled a lot, I have been in different countries, but I’m always happy coming back, you know why? Because Almaty is a very warm city, I do not mean weather, I mean atmosphere, streets, people and so on.  Then, I think that Almaty is that kind of city that you want to see: somebody may say Almaty is a clubbing city, somebody else says it’s a very romantic place.  So Almaty will be such a city that you want it to be.

Laura K. – Almaty is a great place to visit because we have one of the most beautiful mountains in the world!  In summertime we can go hiking and do picnics in the mountains.  During the wintertime we ski and skate at Medeu skating rink.  There are many nice restaurants and night clubs in Almaty.  Our traditional cuisine is very rich and tasty.

Aiperi E. – Almaty is the perfect place to visit, especially in spring, when everywhere is flowering.  Almaty is the place where history and modern life are mixed.  The countryside of Almaty is very beautiful too, especially nature.  Come and visit Almaty.

Rakhat – Even though Almaty isn’t a capital anymore, it’s still prospering.  It remains cultural, historical and financial centre of Kazakhstan.  Some major cultural events are held here in Almaty.  I love Almaty for its green streets, kind and very friendly people.  Almaty is the mix of the city with its rich historical past but a city more like a modern megapolis, with developed infrastructure and profitable place for foreign investment.  As with every city, Almaty has its own atmosphere [more polluted in the winter, clean air in summer]  In order to know about Almaty more, you definitely have to visit it.

Azamat S. – Almaty is a beautiful city with mountains and with great history.  There was found a “Golden Man” which is the pride of our nation.  The most population of this city are young people (students) and this makes life here always active.  In winter we go to Medeu (skating place) and this is located in the highest place among all skating stadiums.

Sara O. – Almaty is the city of seduction, people are so friendly and kind.  The weather is warm.  There is wonderful nature in the outside of the city.  You can meet people from different regions.  Only in Almaty can you see the interesting composition of city buildings and mountains.  For example, from my window everyday I see the view of the huge mountains among the buildings.

Nurlybek – The nature of the city is very interesting because in one step you can be in the hills of mountains but another step at the Freedom step.  The most interesting season is winter.  Because the weather is not so cold, you can go to ski in the mountains, which is called Medeo and have fun for a cheap price.  Also, in the city, you will never have a problem with restaurants, so you can eat different types of food in a different kitchen.  On the other hand, the nightlife is a mixture.  Especially on Friday or Saturday nights because there is so much people that like to go outside.  So you should think to go before 8:00 p.m. so you will have a chance to find space in the bars and restaurants.

Zhanna B. – Almaty was the first capital of Kazakhstan but nowadays people call Almaty the second capital.  There are many places to visit, for example Medeo and Chimbulak or historical places like Tamgaly where you can find petroglifs of our ancestors who lived many thousands of years ago.

Aida D. – Almaty is a “pearl of Central Asia” and it’s a South Capital city of Kazakhstan.  I would strongly suggest to visit tourist landscape called Medeo.  It’s the biggest ski stadium in CIS and it has amazing beautiful nature.  Moreover, I would suggest to visit historical place called Tamgali Tas.  It was taken under protection of UNESCO.  There are petroglifs on the rocks which were drawn in the Bronze Age and even earlier.  Also, we have very beautiful National Theater of Opera and Ballet.  There you can see different performance of Kazakh culture.

Liya B. – Almaty was a capital city in the past.  Now Astana is the capital but Almaty is the remaining cultural center of the state.  Now in Almaty there are really very interesting and conceptual art projects.  Foto and art exhibitions with modern arts, modern theater, as “ArtiShock.”

Natalya D. – Almaty is located at the bottom of the mountains so to get to the mountains it takes about 10-15 minutes.  An interesting place to visit is Tuykeu glacier, it is about 3,500 meters above the sea level.  At the Chimbulak resort is always a taxi which can get you there in 30 minutes.

Aigerim Y. – What makes Almaty worth living?  Almaty is a unique city in Central Asia.  It would appear that I say this only because I was born there, but that’s not the truth.  It’s a city with mix of nations and cultures.  There only you can see modern buildings and somewhere in the next street old constructions built in the 1960s.  Although Astana is a capital city, Almaty is a financial city.  The nightlife is as active as in other western cities.  Cosmopolitan is also a place for tourists.  You can visit Medeo, Chimbulak and Canyon and lots of other sightseeing places in the suburbs.



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