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A British Journalist Requests Info about Almaty, Kazakhstan

I know this is an odd request, but it would be helpful if you could share with British readers why Almaty is a city to visit. I am a British journalist writing about some of the great undiscovered cities of the world for a British newspaper. So, what makes the city worth visiting – it could be about the cuisine, the atmosphere, the architecture, the nightlife, arts & culture etc.

Diana D. – Almaty is the South capital of Kazakhstan.  This city is situated in the “hollow,” surrounded by beautiful, amazing mountains.  Nature here is so beautiful, especially in the mountains. “KokTobe” is a special place where you can see the whole city from a bird’s flight high.  Also, in the mountains there is Chimbulak, where you can go skiing.  But the most interesting place to visit I think is the only mountain skating rink [Medeo].  Here there are about 2 million people, and mostly Almaty is a city of students.  Because of that, there are a lot of places for teenagers’ entertainment.  Also, Almaty is a cultural centre of Kazakhstan, here there is National Museum, from it you can see and know the whole history of our country.

Laura J. – Almaty is an amazing city with fascinating nature, buildings, culture.  Almaty can be translated as “Grandfather of Apples” so the apples are very tasty here!  But what is more, Almaty’s nature is tremendous: from the huge mountains to amazing lakes (Kulsai, Koyandy, you can find photos on Internet).  Also, Almaty has its own culture.  Our summer evenings are so sweet (yes, they really are) I mean the air smells so sweet.  So you should visit this city to fall in love with Almaty.

Maiya – what I like about Almaty is the atmosphere.  It’s the biggest city in Kazakhstan – a country of many contradictions.  Here you can see the parts of nomadic culture along with modern technologies.  Also, what makes Almaty beautiful is the mountains.  Almaty residents whenever they go to another city miss the mountains the most. And, of course, there are many places to visit in the city and around it.  I am sure that foreigners will find Almaty very charming and interesting.

Zhamilya K. – Almaty is a really beautiful place in Kazakhstan.  The nature of this great city is fantastic and interesting.  But in my opinion, Kazakhstan was not so popular until the film “Barot.”  Some people think that it’s bad for reputation of Kazakhstan, but I think it helped to visit Kazakhstan more.  People from other countries are coming here to see if its true.  So now we have a lot of tourists who are coming to visit Almaty.

Gaukhar – I love this city and I think that foreigners should come here.  It’s not a small town and it’s not so big as a megapolis, that’s why the streets are not crowded [hmm…there IS traffic gridlock during rush hours!].  The nature is beautiful, in half an hour you can go to the mountains like Almarasan, Shimbaulak, Koktube.  Also, there are a lot of trees along the streets so Almaty looks like a big, green garden.  Architecture differs from old Soviet time houses to new, modern buildings.

Akbota K. – Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan, it was the capital from 1929 to 1997.  There are a lot of places that you can visit here.  The world known is “Medeo” and “Chimbulak.”  In Soviet period a lot of world records were done in Medeo.  Also, I want to say that this city is the cultural capital of the republic because we have different theaters, like Opera House, TYUZ, Anezov’s drama theater, German theater and others; museums, like Kaz State museum, Museum of Folk Instruments, Medical museum and others, lots of cinemas, parks and gardens.  Almaty is also known as Apple City, because here grow apple trees (Aport, Stolovka, Simchaka…) Here the largest number of universities, colleges, schools and that’s why here come lot of teenagers from other cities.

Nargiza – Almaty is a very amazing, interesting and bizarre city.  Most of the tourists are shocked by our great Kazakh traditions and culture.  Our national food: “beshbarmak.” You’ve never seen such an interesting or so amazing culture.  Kazakh culture does not compare with others.  Our weddings, birth customs, death customs are really different.  Especially our house where we live many years ago, called “Kazakh House.”

Alexandra – This city is full of Kazakh culture, traditions, also important point that Almaty is the ex-capital of Kazakhstan.  And it is the place where history was and is going till nowadays.  I love Almaty because of the mountains and it is very enjoyable to hike every weekend with friends and discover new things of Kazakh’s beauty in Almaty.

Arai – Kazakhstan is very beautiful and hospitable country.  Native people are always glad to welcome any foreigner in Kazakh land.  Maybe our country is still developing its areas of economy, finance and education, but one thing which is remaining constant is the Kazakh spirit which foreigners recognize immediately.  All foreign families from Germany, England, America use to say that Kazakhstan is the only one place where people like to be a guest and to live.  Non-native people find friends among Kazakhs very quickly.  People of Kazakhstan got used to the international status of our country and they accept the tourists with great pleasure.  And our president does everything for non-native people in order to provide them with appropriate conditions, like international standards.

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