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Akinai’s Thoughts about Immigration in USSR

Akinai wrote about her thoughts on an article she read on immigration in the USSR.
Lewis, G.E. (1971). Migration and language in the USSR. International Migration Review, 5(2), 147-179.


The main issue the article is discussing about migration in the USSR. And according to the Lewis (1971), there were some deportations by which Baltic Republics affected. For instance, Lithuania in 1948, Latvia in 1949-1951 and Estonia in 1949 saw the deportation of what has been estimated at over a half-million people (Lewis, 1971, p.152). Also some nationalities like Volga Germans, Caucasians, Tatars, Chechens and Ingush moved to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz Republic, as a result approximately over a million of people were moved.

Also the article provides us with such fact that between 1946 and 1962, 88 thousand peasant Ukrainian families were migrated. There was a significant movement within Russia between 1897 and 1926 involving migration over 11 millions. The European North region had 5.5 million in-migrants, and 8.6 million out-immigrants (Lewis, 1971, p.155). The official estimate of migration into the Central Asia was 1.7 million of people, during 1926-1939 years. Migration led to increase in birth rate and total increase in population.

The lecture I had listened is about U.S. immigration from particular continents for the years 1820 to 1995, as well as from individual countries for 1995 year. So the lecturer told that U.S. is the nation of the immigrant, and only the Native Americans are true Americans, even ancestors like Indians were also immigrants. Also there’s some terms like “melting point”, which means that all cultures came together and mixed, intermarried until everyone became the same-Americans; or stew, when they never lose true ethnic identity.

In this lecture basically are all years and numbers of people who immigrated. For example, from the all countries during the 1820-1995 years total number of people who immigrated was 60602091, how can you imagine the number like that. But in the 1995 the number was decreased, only 720461 immigrants there were.

The biggest amount of immigrants was during 1820-1995 from the Europe, which was 59, 8% out of all immigrants. But the percentage declined in the 1995 till 17, 8%. The smallest amount of immigrants through the history was from the Oceania which is only 0, 36%. Also the Asian immigrants were on the third place, after the Americans themselves, and the amount of the Asian immigrants was 7732596 people.


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