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Almaty’s Birthday Celebration this Sunday

Whatever possessed me to answer a plea to join an ad hoc choir to sing a Kazakh folk song in English this Sunday is beyond me. Though it has cost me some time away from grading my students’ papers, I’m actually glad I did go to the rehearsal last Sunday.  We each individually took turns by singing in a little sound booth in a studio rigged up with the latest in soundboards and sound equipment.  With a window to view the guy who knows what each gadget and gizmo means, I was signalled to sing into the mike while I listened to the real Kazakh singer in my earphones. 

Once done with singing the second verse, I zoomed out to join my next engagement atop Kok Tobe, the very place I had been singing about.  This upcoming Sunday, we will be singing at the Old Square with three different groups up on the stage, promenading down the steps and swaying and waltzing around as we sing.  The following song is in 3/4 time and is very beautiful in its original Kazakh version.  The English translation cost $50, or so I’m told, I think they should have tweaked a few more words before we were taped.  We are to memorize our words to go along with our voices that were recorded last Sunday.  I’ll show photos of the extravaganza on Monday’s post.

I will sing song about you

I will wait letters from you

Always remember your views

Beautiful my Almaty

Fresh white like bred new snow

Your mountains heights bright

And I will never forget

Happiest moments I had


Leaves rustling of KokTobe

Will heat my missing heard [will warm my longing heart]

I reminisce every day

Spent with you my Almaty

My heart is pressing to you

My song is full of delight

Here I met my true real friends

Beautiful my Almaty


I will drown in your skies

Will fall asleep in your clouds

Your pure fresh mountains air

Gives me the life to live

Springly rain of Almaty

Will slake my thirsty soul

I wish to be part of you

I love you my Almaty

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